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Video Games

Here you’ll find a collection of the video game projects I’ve contributed to throughout my career and university life.


Sleep Cycle

Environment Artist, Illustrator, Marketing Artist

Sleep Cycle is an action-packed, twin-stick shooter rogue-lite game. Trapped in a simulation with your trusty teddy bear, you must fight to escape. Throw your bear, hyperlink enemies to create paw-some combos, and collect upgrades for your taskbar! Will you escape this procedurally generated simulation? Or will you be trapped fur-ever?

Awards: Student Shortlist BAFTA



User Interface Artist, Visual Effects Artist

Fululu is a third person bullet hell shooter. Shoot ghosts to charge your Spirit Meter. Capture ghosts in your gourd to take their abilities. Uncover the mystery behind the spirit infestation!

Zombeats_Marketing (1)-1.png

Zombeats (In Production)

Scrum Master, Illustrator, VFX Artist, Technical Artist, Rendering Artist

Zombeats is a high-octane rhythm game set in the apocalypse. Shoot zombies to the beat as they swarm from all directions, while managing limited ammo reserves. Unlock original songs as you progress through each character's story, import your own levels with the custom level editor, chase high scores on the global leaderboard, and customize your experience with difficulty modifiers!

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